DK Villas - Skillie Park - Dwarskersbos

Renovation done for DK Villas in Dwarskersbos. 

Renovation with rustic décor and warm wood features, kitchen tops and floating shelves, in a palette of soft neutrals. 

Unique Décor on the walls complete this area.

Breathtaking spacious kitchen, fully fitted with all the necessary appliances, high ceilings and so much space!


DK Villas - Riverview Villa

Renovation done for DK Villas in Hout Bay.


French rustic décor with alot of distressed wood and wrought iron, in a palette of soft neutrals. 


Breathtaking kitchen, fully fitted with black and chrome SMEG appliances with white honeycomb tiling with black grout, sparkling glassware and drawers neatly filled with all the bits and pieces you need.


Pleasingly neat drawers – online article featured in :


Eat Play Drink Cape Town – 

DK Villas - Boardwalk Villa

Bespoke design and installation completed for DK Villas.
This wonderful apartment was renovated from top to bottom and we are proud to have been a part of it.
Mirrors play a wonderful role in a room, optical illusions, reflection of light, play on opening space and functionality to name a few.
We can’t get enough! Let’s reflect together over coffee?

New addition - Bergvliet

Request for a strong and sturdy built-in cupboard and a set of ergonomic drawers which was needed to be functional and easy to use.


Floating shelves finished off the side of the cupboard turning wasted space into something functional and beautiful!


The overall result…
Classic, stylish, 100% lifestyle match and most importantly a satisfied client!

Renovation - Normand

Functional Comfort
Classic, Shabby, Magic Mountain colour paint technique doors with Matt Nickel Cup Handles on the drawers & Knobs on the doors.
Can we just talk about how well this goes together.
Everything in this kitchen is designed to be practical and comfortable.
Subtle natural basket really brings out the tactile element of the space. 
Can you feel the natural stone mosaic under your fingertips?

Built-in Cupboard

With this design and installation we focused on maximizing the space without losing the elegance.
Isn’t this installation heavenly?
The lightly recessed panels and subtle elegant handles just work!
The handles echo, the chandelier and the panels lead your eye to the ceiling creating the illusion of even more space!
I can make this look work for you and your home, contact us today!

Office Renovation -MIP

The contrast of the soft warm colours and the POP of warm mustard yellow chair was the perfect balance here.
The client needed a functional kitchen that creates a break-away for employees to relax. 
A kitchen should be practical and effortlessly easy to clean, which this one is!
Contact us today to see how we can improve your employees productivity.

Van Heerden's

This is a complete classic look that never ages. A feeling of establishment and comfort is key here. As designers we have to be multi-faceted and adapt to our client’s needs and requirements.

Just in this photo you see beautiful facebrick wall which is beautifully treated in such a way to show off the rawness and warmth of the material, sitting comfortably alongside Antique French Brass Handles on the cabinets.
Classic and beautiful!

Steenberg Golf Estate

Renovation at Steenberg Golf Estate


White cabinets lift the look and give the entire area a clean and polished feel. Light grey marble in the same tone as the stainless steel appliances and handles really make the kitchen flow seamlessly.
We continued this theme into the pantry/utility area as well as the custom built coffee/wine island.
This kitchen just works, it flows and it’s functional. The natural quality wood accents brings in warmth making the space inviting, a really sophisticated space.
We can’t wait to make your dream into reality.
Contact us right now to get started!

Mood Boards

A mood board is a type of visual presentation or a collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition.

A mood board can be used to convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic (in this case a particular look for a room).

Solus Unique Cabinetry Designs will design your dream mood and bring it to life!

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Solus Unique Cabinetry Designs is a Cape Town based cabinetry design company that has its roots based in kitchen and cupboard designs, manufacturing, project management and installation.


Cape Town bespoke Designer and company owner, Lericka Dempers has a long successful history in top-notch companies and has completed more than one thousand five hundred successful designs and installations.

Personal growth and development has made it a successful achievement in starting Solus Designs, giving you peace of mind and ensures that her designs are always of a high-caliber!

There is no end to the imagination of designs!

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